The Luck Factor – Learning to be Lucky – Can this help your Trading?

The Luck Factor – Learning to be Lucky

Something a bit different but very related to what we do.

I found an interesting site and book called the Luck Factor written by Dr. Richard Wiseman based at University of Herefordshire (UK).

Most of you know I am a big believer in psychology and a constant student of human behaviour. Markets and business is all about psychology and beliefs and as our man Tony Robbins says “80% is psychology and 20% is the mechanics” – you can have all the software, real time data and systems you like but if your psychology and your believes are out of whack then it’s not going to work. That is why my Making Money from Financial Spread Trading program has been such a success – it takes a different approach.

I hate it when people say “you’re lucky” as the truth is we make our own luck and more importantly it’s how we deal with negative events and “bad luck” and how you turn those negative events around.  I get people that say that there are no opportunities! Please open your eyes – every day I find plenty, it’s never been as easy to be a millionaire and multi-millionaire as it is today.

You can download a short insight to what the book is about here and the full version is available on Amazon.

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Note: I am not paid to endorse this, just thought you would find it beneficial.