Vince Stanzione Sunday Express Review

Vince Stanzione Sunday Express ReviewSunday Express 10th July 2011 Vince Stanzione
Making a Fortune by playing the System.
MILLIONAIRE Vince Stanzione made his fortune from spread betting on the stock-market, turning his talents for predicting trends into an effective trading system.
Now he is teaching others to do the same through his product ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading,
He said: “We have been seeing a lot of interest from people in the over 55 age group and many who are retired and looking to increase their income by trading while savings interest rates are so low. In spite of having little or no previous investment experience they are doing really well and have proved to be excellent students.
“We are also seeing more people trading on their mobile phones and iPads, often as a sideline to their business or main job. There has been a lot of interest in commodities such as oil, gold, silver, corn, cotton and sugar in the last few months, which can all be traded through the programme.”
The Making Money From Financial Spread Trading package comes with a workbook, two DVDs a dedicated members internet site and full support.
Mr Stanzione explained: “It can be used for spread betting or regular share dealing and it shows you how to profit from makes going down as well as up. You learn to work to a system and become quite disciplined. We also provide you with a virtual account that allows you to practice before trying the real thing. It’s delivered in a simple and very informal style, me talking to you, and the programme is suitable for beginners as well as those with some previous experience.


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