Psst, don’t tell anyone about Ethereum

Vince Stanzione says Ethereum remains a great investment
Vince Stanzione says Ethereum remains a great investment in 2021

In case you had not noticed Ethereum(ETH) is up over 100% so far this year, yes 100% in just over a month. The good news whilst I don’t expect it all to be a smooth ride and yes there will be plenty of bumps I do expect to see Ethereum move up at least a further 100% before the end of the year and that is still an amazing return in a zero interest rate world.
Of course, I may be totally wrong but if you have followed my track over the last 35 years you know my averages are rather good, but it’s your money and your choice.
How to buy Ethereum 7 days a week
Use a trusted broker the 2 that I trust are Kraken and Binance.

Link to Binance:

Link to Kraken:

Note: This is not investment advice, and yes I get a small commission (in Ethereum if you buy) but that is it. Unlike most, I put my money where my mouth and invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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