Merry Christmas and a bonus item for you

Just a quick note to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2020

2019 has been a record trading year for me and my students and I expect to do very well again in 2020. If you are still interested in joining my Millionaire Trader Program and following my exact trades then please click here to find out more and I will get everything out to you before the Christmas break.

Santa Rally Report – How to make money from the last few days of December/start of January

I have written a report which explains more about the Santa Rally and you can download it below.

Please remember seasonality is a guide NOT a guarantee however this trade does have a good track record. 2018 had a very weak December yet this trade still made money. Over the years I have used this trade to basically pay my Christmas/New Year holiday! 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Season’s Greetings

Vince Stanzione


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Bitcoin is up 90% so far this year – Here’s how to profit

bitcoin spread betting vince stanzione

You may have not noticed but one of the best markets so far this year
has been Bitcoin which is currently trading at $7700 up over 90% since the
start of 2019.

Regardless of what you think about Bitcoin this market offers massive
potential to make money on both Up and Down moves and you can start with small stakes.

I use an exact trading system which tells me when to get in and more
importantly when to get out.

I don’t care what the media says or why its moving up all that
matters to me is the price.
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cryptocurrencies then take another look at my website:

How To Turn Your Phone Into A Money Making Machine

It’s amazing how many people I see playing games, checking social media and basically doing unproductive stuff on their smartphones!

You could be using your phone or laptop right now to start making a
great extra income trading financial markets from anywhere… I should know I have been doing it and teaching it since 1997.

Just following my simple trading system which works on Shares, FX, major indices,cryptocurrencies and commodities you could be making a great extra income spending no more than 20 minutes a day.

2019 has got off to a great start and I am expecting some great trading opportunities that you can profit from in the next 6 weeks so NOW a great time to get started.

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Learn to Trade Vince Stanzione

You can also download my booklet here:

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Vince Stanzione

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Vince Stanzione Trading The Trend 2019 interview

A rare interview with Multi-Millionaire Trader and Investor Vince Stanzione and shares his trading secrets with Chris Chillingworth. If your looking to make money trading financial markets then listen to this interview I am sure you will benefit.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you want to find out more about Making Money From Financial Trading then just click here

How’s 2019 turning out for you so far?

Vince Stanzione 2019 learn to trade and make money

How’s 2019 turning out for you so far?

If your like most then it’s likely you have given up on your resolutions, in fact studies
show the 12th January is the date most give up and go back to their old ways.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do know how to make money trading markets and almost every trade I have open for 2019 is in profit.

My year is looking great so far. But this is not about me it’s also about how I can help you. Chances are you have money sitting in savings accounts
earning little or no interest or you have shares that are just not producing results. Even in what as a choppy year my US trading account was up 58% in 2018.

So far this year I am up over 10% and expect to make at least the same as 2018.

If you have any questions then feel free contact me but if your serious about making money and achieving a better lifestyle then now is the time to take action and step up and join me.

You can

Making Money from Financial Trading by Vince Stanzione

Making Money from Financial Trading by Vince Stanzione

Make Money Trading Financial Markets On The Side

Financial markets are open to everyone not just the fat cat bankers

In today’s fast moving global financial markets there are massive opportunities to profit from up, down and even sideways market movements. Every day there are opportunities in financial markets such as Crude Oil, Gold, Coffee, Corn, Shares, Currencies, financial indices like the Dow Jones and FTSE100. Vince stanzione explains more.

The once closed off areas which where only open to the “fat cat bankers” are now open for anyone with nothing more than internet access and a small amount of capital.

In my “Making Money From Financial Spread Trading” course I share my experience in a simple to follow way, with no jargon. Through my workbook, DVD’s (also watch online) and website you too will learn the secrets to making money from financial markets and how to profit from up, down and even sideways market movements.

vince stanzione make money trading

Make Money Trading Financial Markets On The Side

Within less than 30 days you will be able to trade markets, including shares, commodities, currencies and bonds. You will get access to a virtual account so you can practice your skills and then, when you’re ready, start using real money.

The step-by-step system does not involve watching a screen all day; you can place and check trades at a time of day that suits you. Most days you will not have to spend more than 15 minutes, trading markets is an excellent why to make an extra second income.

Why making money from financial markets makes sense

Consider this:

You can operate from anywhere that has internet access which these days is abouteverywhere so your “office” can be your favourite café or a remote log cabin.No selling, getting friends involved, no staff and no red tape.

You can start with small amounts and build up.

Your risk is strictly capped, yet your gains are unlimited.

For those in the UK, Financial Spread Betting is TAX FREE. If you’re outside the UK you can still use my system and I have a special edition for those based in the US.

You can also use my system for trading shares and these can be traded in an ISA which currently allows you to invest £20,000 a year with all profits being tax free.

I have successful students in over 109 countries. This system can be used globally with various trading accounts including Financial Spread Betting, CFDs, Futures, Margined FX or traditional buying and selling of shares.

You can



Make money from the Bitcoin crash

vince stanzione financial spread betting biycoin falling

Whilst many have been raving about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
the smart money has been cashing out so far in 2018 and I have been
profiting from falling Bitcoin prices. I sold all my Bitcoins and Ether back in January.

Unlike most I am happy to make money from falling prices as well as
rising ones. You too could be making a great extra income trading cryptocurrencies.

The exact system I use is outlined in my course making money from
financial spread trading.

Right now everything points to bitcoin going lower likely back to
$6,000 and if you’re quick you too can make money from this.

If you want to make a serious extra income trading bitcoin,
currencies, shares and commodities then take a look at

Let me know if you have any questions


P.S. Unlike most that just try to sell you the bitcoin dream I am happy to profit from falling prices as well. Learn how to do the same at:

P.P.S. you can test my system with a virtual account so try the system with zero risk.

Massive opportunities to Make Money in Biotech Stocks

You may have seen financial markets have been fairly volatile
so far this year but it would be wrong to think that
there are no opportunities to make money.

One sector I absolutely love is Biotech and Pharmaceuticals and
I have shared many ideas with my millionaire trader members which have
gone on to make 100%, 200% and even 500% gains.

vince stanzione trading biotech stocks

You can see a table here with some of the big moves in biotech stocks and the good news there are still plenty of opportunities left for you to make money in 2018.

Even with a small account you can trade these stocks.

Take Action now and start making money trading

You can follow my step by step systems which will all you to profit
from up and down movements spending no more than 15 minutes a day.

You can try my system with a virtual account with no risk
Just go to

Let me know if you have any questions


Vince Stanzione

P.S. My system works on all markets including Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, FX and commodities.


I have just finished a new 31 page report on Making Money From Trading Financial Markets and you can download a copy at no charge by entering in your name and email in the box below

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