Vince Stanzione Trading The Trend 2019 interview

A rare interview with Multi-Millionaire Trader and Investor Vince Stanzione and shares his trading secrets with Chris Chillingworth. If your looking to make money trading financial markets then listen to this interview I am sure you will benefit.

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Interview with Vince Stanzione – Part 2 Spread Betting Beginner Interview

Here is my interview with Chris Chillingworth from Spread Betting Beginner. if your serious about making money from Financial Markets and Spread Betting then you will find this interview packed with information.

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Vince Stanzione

Video Update: Making Money From Trading Financial Markets in 2017

Video Update: Making Money From Trading Financial Markets in 2017

Thank you for taking the time to visit. You can watch my video update on Making Money From Financial Spread Trading and some of my trading ideas for 2017 below. In the video I explain more about how you can profit from financial markets regardless if they are going up, down or even sideways. You can profit from shares,FX, Commodities and indices.

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Vince Stanzione tips Alcoa (NYSE:AA) for 2016 50%+ upside

Alcoa Inc (NYSE:AA) produces and manages primary and fabricated aluminium, and alumina worldwide. The engineered segment offers titanium, alloy, aluminium castings, fasteners, wheels, architectural extrusions, forgings and hard alloy extrusions. Its products are used in transportation on air, land and sea; packaging; building and construction; oil and gas; defence; consumer electronics; brazing; power generation; and industrial applications.

Alcoa has been a terrible investment in recent years; the stock is down 40% in 2015 and down from $40 in 2008 to around the current $9, so why would you consider buying this zombie stock? Well Alcoa is due to spin off its manufacturing business in the second half of 2016 and I believe the company is approaching a point where it will be re-rated. A full outline is available on the company’s website.

What we have is the old Alcoa, which frankly is still going to struggle but may have a small bounce, and the new higher margin business, which has good potential and will attract new investors. At $9 I can see this stock move up by 50%, remember you will end up with two shares. If you spread-bet the stock the financial bookmaker will adjust the bet for the spin off so you will end up with a bet on Alcoa and a bet on the new spin-off company. The plan is the two parts will be worth more than the whole.

This is a fairly contrarian investment but the higher-margin aerospace business looks like an unloved gem and of course I’d recommend only using risk capital and be ready to hold for 12 months.

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Urgent Financial Market Update Video – How To Make Money

“If you want to make massive profits trading financial markets in the next 90 days then you need to take action NOW”

Thank you for visiting this update. You can watch my video update on Financial Markets and learn more about how to make money from trading and Financial Spread Betting regardless is they are going up, down or sideways.

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Waiting for the BIG waves – How to make money Trading Financial Markets

Sometimes the best trades are the ones you do not make. Trading can become addictive, both for losing traders who want to get even, and winning traders who are now on a roll and want to take over the world in 7 days!

Vince Stanzione- Financial Trader

Vince Stanzioen financial trading trading the waves

After a few profitable trades, some traders become wild and un-conservative. The

y base their trades on hunches and long shots, rather than sound fundamental and technical reasoning, or they put their money into one deal that “can’t fail”.

Markets have been here for years and they will be here for many more to come. As already stated, the best trades are trend trends where a trade is entered long or short and is left to run with the trend. Don’t make new trades or mess with an open winning trade just because you’re bored or want something new. I have seen many sell shares like Apple and Netflix with small profits as they become bored. Had they just stayed with them, they would have made far bigger returns for doing nothing.

The trading system outlined in Making Money From Financial Spread Trading shows you when to get in a trade ride that wave and then get out. I don’t claim to get in right at the start or get out right at the end, but I do capture the main part of the move and that has made me alot of money over the years in shares, commodities,bonds and indices.

I often think of it like the classic Guinness TV Commercial (see below)

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How To Make Money Trading Markets – Your Questions Answered


How To Make Money Trading Markets – Your Questions Answered

In this interview for Vicky Letch talks to Vince Stanzione about trading financial markets, Financial Spread Betting, CFDs and asks your questions including:

  1. We know you have done well and continue to do well and no one is disputing that and you have a great track record and reputation but most people watching this are just starting out and don’t have massive amounts to invest, can they still do it?
  2. Most people watching don’t have hours to spend they have jobs and a family life can you still do this say in the evening or morning?
  3. What about those that have got in to Financial Spread Betting and lost serious amounts of money, what did they do wrong and what is your advice?
  4. If you could give 1 or 2 top tips for those starting out taking for your 28 years of experience what would they be.
  5. You have a package Called Making Money From Financial Spread Trading can you explain more about the program
  6. If someone is watching from the USA can they do this?
  7. What about other countries say Australia, or Singapore I thought Spread betting was only for the UK?

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Vince Stanzione Making Money From Spread Trading


Are You Standing on the Shoulders of Giants? – How To Make Money Trading

If you have a £2 coin to hand then take a look at what is inscribed on the side and if you don’t have one it says “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”.
The words made famous by Sir Isaac Newton: “If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants”.


So what’s this got to do with making money from trading and investing?
Well if you want to get ahead and make an extra £100 to £2000+ per day then learning from a trading “giant” makes sense.

Why on earth would you want to learn about making money from someone who doesn’t have any?

Does that make any sense to you? Me neither yet most trading systems and courses are taught be “dwarfs” who have never made any money trading and don’t have over 28 years of experience.

Whatever field you’re looking to excel in, if you learn and follow a dwarf you will become one – but by standing on the shoulders of giants you give yourself the best advantage.

You can do it the hard why or you can stand on my shoulders and learn to trade and make money from financial spread betting and trading by following my step by step system. You will get my new 2015 workbook, Making Money from Financial Spread Trading, 2 DVDs, Access to my website and support and a copy of my New York Times Bestseller The Millionaire Dropout, Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and reclaim your life.

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Here are what Amazon clients have to say about Vince Stanzione

vince stanzione reviews making money financial spread trading

Making Money From Financial Spread Trading

Here is a PDF booklet on Making Money From Financial Spread Trading. Profit from Up, Down and even sideways markets. Let me show you how you can copy me and do the same within 14 days from now, starting from scratch and regardless of your backgVince Stanzione Making Money From Spread Tradinground – Test it Risk FREE!

Learn from and model your trades aft er someone who’s already done it thousands of times during the last 28 years… raking in millions of pounds in profits… with uncertain times being some of the most lucrative of all years.

My name is Vince Stanzione, and I’ve done just that. My highly-guarded secrets work equally well for the beginners as well as the seasoned trader, and puts an unfair (yet totally legal) advantage on your side of the trade.

I’m so confident that you’ll make MORE MONEY while using this system, regardless of
market conditions – that I’m putting my OWN money where my mouth is…

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About Vince Stanzione

Vince Stanzione is a UK born self-made multi-millionaire active in telecommunications, publishing and financial trading. Running his first software business from school at the age of 11 and landed his first City Job as a junior in the FX dealing room for Nat West Bank at the age of 16 with few formal qualifications. In 1989 after losing his savings and job in the 1987 stock market crash he set up a Car Phone business and in 1991 he sold which made his first fortune.

He then returned to his love of trading and investing and built up a multi million fortune from trading and Financial Spread Betting. In 1997 he wrote the first course on Vince Stanzionefinancial Spread Betting, Making Money From Financial Spread Trading.

He has been featured favourably and quoted in over 200 newspapers, media outlets and websites including CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch,, Independent, Sunday Independent, Sunday Express, Observer, Guardian, The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Express, What Investments, Growth Company Investor, New York Times, Bullbearings, City Magazine, Canary Wharf, Institutional Investor China and Shares Magazine.

In 2013 his book The Millionaire Dropout, Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Reclaim Your Live became a New York Times Bestseller





Honest Reviews Are Important – Vince Stanzione course review From Amazon

This review has been taken from Amazon and is totally unsolicited.

I wish to write an honest review and update this as time goes with my continual use of Vince trading system.
However being a technical person, and working with Databases, Geographical Information Systems, and website development; I’m use to technical Jargon within a particular field. Vince course however presents adeptly to an individual outside the trading arena; and for that individual to have a clearer view with regards to understanding how to trade successfully.
But most importantly for the seasoned traders his package may very well assist you to eliminate the “noise” in the business by giving you exactly whats important for you to be truly successful.

Do you really have to know everything about trading and be overwhelmed by the immense amount of information out there??? Or do you want to have key working system that’s versatile and when followed correctly assist you to make money?
As for many I don’t need to know everything about “Average Directional Index”, “Bollinger Bandwidth”,
“Detrended Price Oscillation” etc to begin trading… the main thing I can be able to use the
most important sifted principles and teachings and apply them and make a significant profit and that’s what matter; Don’t you agree?
We all do trading to make money not to know every single thing and would not be able to apply them.

Now this is the best part, Vince has the ability (only genuine teachers have) to make the seemingly hard to grasp concepts, easier to grasp and understand. A point to note: even though they are a lot of information out there, implementing proper systems with just relevant information that works can be a major problem for many so called Gurus. Gurus, often over complicate things because they know too much, and may also be ambiguous and hence the inability to resort to being simple and clear in what they want to illustrate. It’s like they often wish to show off what they know instead of assisting you to understand what you need to know. Now as for Vince I consider him a Guru, but a leader who has the ability to serve. From his years of experience and his ability to expose most important concepts to becoming a better trader, should be a minor portion of reasoning to get this package. Twenty eight (28 yrs) trading portrays maturity and a discipline that is rare….but having a trainer that actually implements what he teaches, and responds to your questions and emails promptly is even greater.

Most people might question how successful this course can assist them to be, but vince has a genuine persona about him that regardless what you’ll know when someone or a course is all about “HYPE”;but as for me I prefer learn from the past successes and failures of a veteran than to experience them for my self at a higher cost.

Now what i’m saying is not to think the system is a walk in the park and you’ll have cash falling from the sky overnight…it’s a system to help create leverage, which may assist new traders and even older traders who’ve been “breaking even” to finally realize that we’re not perfect and we’re humans we make errors; But we can be able to making significant profits from our winning trades that might surpass the mistakes or losses of the loosing ones. Vince system calls for humility and patience and persistence. And its major key to successful trading, but remember hard work but for an highly profitable reward if followed correctly. It’s easier to say something and its always another to implement what you know and put it into good use, the only thing that should be stopping you from your success is yourself(no blame Games)

I’ve known of people loosing a fortune in trading only to give up all hope. I must
Say he’s the real deal, and my first attempt to trade on the markets has proven itself to be successful thanks to vinces teachings. The good part about this is when I make mistakes I can be able to highlight my very problem based on the systems and rules that I’ve broken. Nothing Good comes easy. If you’re not able to follow concepts this is not for you. But for
serious individuals who have a drive and persistence for success like I am, you’ll definitely like this course to
begin with.

Link to Amazon review