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Dominic Frisby from moneyweek magazine interviews Financial Spread Betting and trading expert Vince Stanzione. Discover the secrets to financial trading and spread betting. Trade shares, FX, Commodities and profit from up, down and even sideways market movements. Some of your financial spread betting questions and answered here. If you have any specific question about trading markets or Financial Spread Betting please feel free to get in touch, you can read more about Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2013 here.

New Year – New Income Trading Financial Markets

Hope 2013 is getting off to a great start for you in all areas of your life. If you’re looking for an extra income but don’t want the usual hassles of starting a business then Trading Financial Markets is an ideal way to profit from shares, currencies and Vince Stanzione Financial Spread Bettingcommodities following a step by step system and spending no more than 15 minutes a day. You can use my system for Financial Spread Betting, CFD’s, FX accounts and buying and sell shares on-line.

This is not some get rich quick scheme, I have been doing this for 28 years, we only deal with recognised FSA registered firms and you can decide how much you wish to risk on any one trade. Unlike most we can profit up, down and even sideways movements.

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Trade less – Make More Money- the 1 minute trading rule

Here is a brief video explaining more about the 1 minute trading rule and why you don’t have to be glued to a screen all day to make money from trading markets and Financial Spread Betting. to learn more go to


Customer Reviews – Vince Stanzione – Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars At Last I am now making money from my Trading:,9 May 2012

This review is from: Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2012 edition (Ring-bound)

I have been around the block, I started learning about futures from Ken Roberts around 20 years ago and on and off I have lost more than I care to admit, so when I heard about Vince Stanzione on a radio show you can understand that I was sceptical and it was a case of “here we go again” but something made me stop and take note and he was giving some good info out.
Anyway I bought it and whilst sceptical I gave it a chance and really started reading it as if I was just starting out. I am now into my first year and I am no going to tell you I have made a million as I have not, but it’s the first time ever that I have shown a year on year profit of just over 30% on my account. At risk of repeating what some of the other reviewers have said Vince Stanzione is the real deal, the package arrived quickly, the quality of print and DVD was professional and the man himself was on hand to give support and answer emails so really I have to say a 5 star service and so far so good.

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Why 90% of Spread Betting Traders lose money — and what can you do about it

What Losing Traders Do

Vince Stanzione has been trading futures, options and equities for around 25 years. As well as trading his own money he has traded money for banks and been a broker for private clients. Over the years Vince has been fascinated to discover the difference between winners and losers in this business.

Try to learn from the points I am about to give you.

1. Many traders trade without a plan. They do not define specific risk and profit objectives before trading. Even if they establish a plan, they “second guess” it and don’t stick to it, particularly if the trade is a loss. Consequently, they over trade and use their equity to the limit (are undercapitalised), which puts them in a squeeze and forces them to liquidate positions. Usually, they liquidate the good trades and keep the bad ones.

2. Many traders don’t realise the news they hear and read has, in many cases, already been discounted by the market. Often, new traders jump into a market based on a story in the morning paper; the market many times has already discounted the information.

3. After several profitable trades, many speculators become wild and un-conservative. They base their trades on hunches and long shots, rather than sound fundamental and technical reasoning, or put their money into one deal that “can’t fail.”

4. Traders often try to carry too big a position with too little capital, and trade too frequently for the size of the account.

5. They fail to predefine risk, add to a losing position, and fail to use stops.

6. They frequently have a directional bias; for example, always wanting to be long. A good trader should be happy to trade up or down.

7. Lack of experience in the market causes many traders to become emotionally and/or financially committed to one trade, and unwilling or unable to take a loss. They may be unable to admit they have made a mistake.

8. They over trade. Many new traders after opening a Financial Spread betting account are like a child with a new toy. They want to trade anything and everything. The new internet dealing offered by most bookmakers has made it even worse.

9. Many traders can’t (or don’t) take the small losses. They often stick with a losing trade until it really hurts, then take the loss. This is an undisciplined approach…a trader needs to develop and stick with a system. If you are following charts and a trendline or moving average is broken, you must stick to your rules.

10. Many traders break a cardinal rule: “Cut losses short. Let profits run.” Emotion makes many traders hold a losing trade too long. Many traders don’t discipline themselves to take small losses and big gains.

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