Vince Stanzione gives his top US picks for the rest 2013 and how you can profit

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Financial Spread Betting Guide Video – Tips on Getting Started

Here is a short video explaining more about Financial Spread Betting.

Financial Spread betting also know as Financial Spread Trading has seen massive growth over the last decade in the UK and is a flexible and tax-efficient way to back anything from shares, currencies, commodities, Bonds, stock indices and even house prices. It is now possible to open a Spread Betting account within minutes over the internet with company such as igindex.
A big advantage of Financial Spread Betting is that it lets you gain exposure to the performance of key markets, without having to put up the full value of the transaction as you’re trading on margin you can also profit from falling markets which is not easy to do via a traditional stockbroker.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Financial Spread Betting