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How savers are making money as the 0.5% base rate drags on

By Rob Shepherd

With the Bank of England’s base rate gathering cobwebs at 0.5%, millions of savers are now desperate to see how to prevent their savings dwindling further.

“It’s little wonder many people are now looking beyond savings and pensions to the stock market,” says multi-millionaire Vince Stanzione, who built his fortune using a simple online system for following share price activity and investing accordingly. “The so-called security of savings accounts has become meaningless after year upon year of microscopic returns.”

Stanzione, author of the best-selling book The Millionaire Dropout, says that wariness of the stock market is often not so much because of the risk but because of the markets’ alienating jargon and apparent incomprehensibility. But, says Stanzione, these are not real barriers.

“I’m now seeing a lot of investors, many 55+ or retired, who are no longer intimidated by the markets’ smoke and mirrors.”

This may be down to Stanzione’s own approach to trading, as he reveals the system that amassed his personal fortune, insisting it is so straightforward, anyone can do it.

Having tested it across an extraordinary range of market conditions over 15 years, Stanzione has turned his system into a personal training package called ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading’. Its workbook, two DVDs and members-only website (plus support) cover both spread trading and conventional share dealing and, crucial in volatile times, show how money can be made from shares going down, and even sideways, as well as up.

“And if that language sounds a bit alien, the package will explain,” says Stanzione. “I’ve eliminated the jargon and demystified everything. I take students step by step, with a dummy account to practice on. You start by studying, then you try a few small trades and work up from there at your own speed.  

“Typically, students spend around 30 minutes a day and can do it from anywhere, including tablets and smart phones.”

Of course, there are no guarantees of a return but learning from an expert greatly improves the odds, with the added attraction that profits are tax-free. Would-be traders can start with as little as £1000.

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Taken from Daily Telegraph 1st April 2014 page B4 Business Section

vince stanzione daily telegraph April 2014

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