7 traits of successful financial traders

7 traits of successful financial traders

Ever wondered, how successful traders became successful? Even expert traders were once rookies, making plenty of mistakes – but you do not need to repeat these mistakes. Here are 7 valuable lessons, from successful traders to you.

I have just finished a new e-book written for Deriv.com which goes through the 7 traits of successful financial traders.

You can download your free PDF copy here.

Vince Stanzione e-book written for deriv.com

Psst, don’t tell anyone about Ethereum

Vince Stanzione says Ethereum remains a great investment
Vince Stanzione says Ethereum remains a great investment in 2021

In case you had not noticed Ethereum(ETH) is up over 100% so far this year, yes 100% in just over a month. The good news whilst I don’t expect it all to be a smooth ride and yes there will be plenty of bumps I do expect to see Ethereum move up at least a further 100% before the end of the year and that is still an amazing return in a zero interest rate world.
Of course, I may be totally wrong but if you have followed my track over the last 35 years you know my averages are rather good, but it’s your money and your choice.
How to buy Ethereum 7 days a week
Use a trusted broker the 2 that I trust are Kraken and Binance.

Link to Binance: https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=WVKYJA4A

Link to Kraken: https://r.kraken.com/MLX9q

Note: This is not investment advice, and yes I get a small commission (in Ethereum if you buy) but that is it. Unlike most, I put my money where my mouth and invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Rational case for $7,000 Gold by 2030

Below you will find a link to an interesting article on Gold written by Charlie Morris someone how is worth listening to. The article outlines my own views and in fact I think we will get to $7,000 an ounce Gold before 2030.


Gold is currently trading at $1750 that is around 1400 GBP as I write. Of course Gold will not go up in a straight line however I believe it will be one of the best investments over the next 10 years.

Even before the Covid19 outbreak governments world wide were printing copious amounts of money. Interest rates are now at zero and in some cases negative and that will not change anytime soon. Just think about that, it means money has no value and in fact once you factor inflation in it is depreciating.

As well as buying gold there are many other ways you can protect your wealth and profit from current markets.

The key to understand that governments will keep printing money until currencies become worthless.

If you are already a member of my millionaire trader program then you will know exactly what I am doing. If you are
not already following me than take another look at http://www.millionaire-trader.com

Here is a link to the article it’s a PDF file click here

Make Money Trading Financial Markets On The Side

Financial markets are open to everyone not just the fat cat bankers

In today’s fast moving global financial markets there are massive opportunities to profit from up, down and even sideways market movements. Every day there are opportunities in financial markets such as Crude Oil, Gold, Coffee, Corn, Shares, Currencies, financial indices like the Dow Jones and FTSE100. Vince stanzione explains more.

The once closed off areas which where only open to the “fat cat bankers” are now open for anyone with nothing more than internet access and a small amount of capital.

In my “Making Money From Financial Spread Trading” course I share my experience in a simple to follow way, with no jargon. Through my workbook, DVD’s (also watch online) and website you too will learn the secrets to making money from financial markets and how to profit from up, down and even sideways market movements.

vince stanzione make money trading

Make Money Trading Financial Markets On The Side

Within less than 30 days you will be able to trade markets, including shares, commodities, currencies and bonds. You will get access to a virtual account so you can practice your skills and then, when you’re ready, start using real money.

The step-by-step system does not involve watching a screen all day; you can place and check trades at a time of day that suits you. Most days you will not have to spend more than 15 minutes, trading markets is an excellent why to make an extra second income.

Why making money from financial markets makes sense

Consider this:

You can operate from anywhere that has internet access which these days is abouteverywhere so your “office” can be your favourite café or a remote log cabin.No selling, getting friends involved, no staff and no red tape.

You can start with small amounts and build up.

Your risk is strictly capped, yet your gains are unlimited.

For those in the UK, Financial Spread Betting is TAX FREE. If you’re outside the UK you can still use my system and I have a special edition for those based in the US.

You can also use my system for trading shares and these can be traded in an ISA which currently allows you to invest £20,000 a year with all profits being tax free.

I have successful students in over 109 countries. This system can be used globally with various trading accounts including Financial Spread Betting, CFDs, Futures, Margined FX or traditional buying and selling of shares.

You can read more at http://www.winonmarkets.net



Financial Spread Betting Exposed-How I make Money

In this short Video Vince Stanzione explains how he makes money from financial trading and financial spread betting. to find out more just go to http://www.winonmarkets.net

Want to be a trader?

If you want to be a trader you need to work out what is your best trading style as, although the idea of ‘day trading’ and making short-term bets may sound exciting, the reality is that my wealth has not come from short-term bets. It has come from trading trends over weeks, months and years.

While brokers and bookmakers like to generate more business from active customers, I believe the winners in the long run are the least active traders. For many readers that are more conservative and with a little grey hair, you will not be suited to short term in and out trading.

As a trend trader I am not glued to a screen all day and only check prices at the end of the day and on some trades only once a week.

Learn good money management – start small

To be a profitable trader you do not need to make money that often. In fact, you could fail with 80 per cent of your trades and still turn a profit.

If you lost £100 on 8 trades and you then make £500 on two trades, you are in profit.

However sure you are that the market will crash or XYZ is going to soar, if you make your first trade a small one, and then, if you are correct, add more to that trade. Pyramiding a successful trade is the key to making large returns.

And never add to a losing trade!

Video Update: Making Money From Trading Financial Markets in 2017

Video Update: Making Money From Trading Financial Markets in 2017

Thank you for taking the time to visit. You can watch my video update on Making Money From Financial Spread Trading and some of my trading ideas for 2017 below. In the video I explain more about how you can profit from financial markets regardless if they are going up, down or even sideways. You can profit from shares,FX, Commodities and indices.

You can also download the slides used in the presentation here.PDF format

To order the package just click here.

How To Make A Serious Second Income in 2017 Trading Financial Markets Starting NOW

Making an extra an extra £50 pounds a day is hardly going to change your life but at the same time it’s not a bad extra income either also it will give you a chance to test my system.

Vince stanzione trading spread betting compunding learn to trade

There are around 252 trading days a year and if you could make just 50 a day on average that comes to a respectable extra 12600 pounds a year. If you compound those gains the returns can certainly be impressive.

If you can spare 15 minutes a day then you too could be making an extra income from trading financial markets, I am not talking about  being stuck to a screen all day or taking outrageous risks, I am talking about sensible small financial trades following a step  by step system that you can start and then build up on.

To read more and find out how you too can join my existing clients making these incomes in their spare time just go to http://www.winonmarkets.net

Right now we have great opportunities to profit from markets as we head into the final part of the year. Learn to trade shares, FX, Commodities in your spare time.

Why do Traders and Investors fail in the Markets? Vince Stanzione helps you win at trading

Why do Traders and Investors fail in the Markets? Vince Stanzione, veteran trader and investor comments. 90% of Traders and Investors fail in the stock/commodity/forex markets. Why do they fail?

What are the biggest mistakes a trader should avoid in stock trading?

Has you ever mistakenly placed a ‘fat finger’ trade?

How successful in percentage returns and over what period, does a fellow spreadbetter need to be, before you become impressed enough, to be interested in meeting with him?

It is not just traders that have a high failure rate; most businesses fail in real life. The biggest mistakes is having a bias – assuming that the market will always go up. Always look at the price and admit when you’re wrong.

Learn more at http://www.winonmarkets.net