New Year – New Income Trading Financial Markets

Hope 2013 is getting off to a great start for you in all areas of your life. If you’re looking for an extra income but don’t want the usual hassles of starting a business then Trading Financial Markets is an ideal way to profit from shares, currencies and Vince Stanzione Financial Spread Bettingcommodities following a step by step system and spending no more than 15 minutes a day. You can use my system for Financial Spread Betting, CFD’s, FX accounts and buying and sell shares on-line.

This is not some get rich quick scheme, I have been doing this for 28 years, we only deal with recognised FSA registered firms and you can decide how much you wish to risk on any one trade. Unlike most we can profit up, down and even sideways movements.

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Make Money from Financial Spread Betting Exchange Traded Funds

Whilst many look to trade the FTSE100, Dow Jones or NASDAQ they miss some great opportunities in Sector Exchange Traded Funds. Combining Financial Spread Betting with ETFs can give you a way to get exposure to an ever growing range of sectors, commodities, global financial indices which you can profit from regardless of markets moving up or down. As an added bonus UK taxpayers can make tax free gains. If you’re not UK based you can also look at Contracts For Difference (CFDs) which allow you to do the same.

As the table shows so far this year Biotech shares have been doing very well, whilst the S&P 500 is up around 6% the Biotechnology ETF is up 30%. Of course we can also make money from markets going down as well, for example coffee prices have fallen over 30% this year and Natural Gas has also fallen around the same.

Of course you can buy and sell ETFs via any online broker but you can also place a spread bets on many ETFs. The video below explains more and I reveal my full trading system in Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2012 edition, to read more go to

Jim Rogers Says He’s `Short’ Emerging Market, Nasdaq Stocks

Jim Rogers appeared on Bloomberg Television in Singapore a few days ago. Whilst Bullish commodities as usual he did also mention a few of his short trades. To learn more about how to trade commodities,shares, currencies and more please go to

Here is what he said:

“The world is running out of known reserves of oil. It’s a simple fact.”

“Saudi Arabia has been lying about their (oil) reserves for decades,” said Rogers. “The reason oil is going up is the world is running out of known reserves of oil.”

“In bull markets things go to prices which nobody can conceive of. I’m the bull, and I’m telling you, at one point I’m going to sellout and then they’re going double again. In the bull market in stocks, who would’ve thought that CISCO would have gone up a hundred times. It did. That’s what happens at the end of a bull market and that’s what’s going to happen at the end of the bull market in commodities. It’s still several years away.”

“Gold will go to $2000 in this decade. It’s pretty simple as far as I’m concerned.”

“Silver will certainly go over $50. The old high on silver was $50. Silver will go to new highs again. All these prices are going to go to absurd levels by the end of the decade, by the end of the bull market.”

“Huge bull market in agriculture. Agriculture prices are still extremely depressed on a historic basis. You know, the price of sugar has gone up 600% in the last 6 years, 5 years. It is still 50% below its all time high. 50% below its all time high. The scope for price increases in agriculture is staggering.”

“In a bull market I don’t want to be short or to avoid anything when a secular bull market is taking place. I will hedge myself by shorting something. I’m short emerging markets, for instance, right now. I’m short NASDAQ stocks, for instance, right now. So in the bull market you dont want to avoid. You want to own everything, even the ones you think are bad, because that’s where the great gains are, and you hedge yourself by shorting or selling something else.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to the world economy. I know if the economy gets better, I’m going to make money in commodities. If it doesn’t get better, I’m going to make money in commodities because they’re going to print money, print huge amounts of money. But I need a hedge and that’s why BBVA and Citic and I have come up with this new index.”

“You see what’s happening to agricultural prices. You see what’s happening to oil prices. You see what’s happening with metals prices. This has got a long way to go and that’s the major shift that’s taking place.”

“I own some dollars now because there was a big panic, a huge drop in the dollar, and I stepped in and I bought some more dollars. I do sometimes like to buy things when they collapse. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes  I don’t. Sometimes I lose money. But at the moment I own some dollars.”


Vince Stanzione system really works

Around 12 months ago a lady called Rachael purchased my Course making Money From Financial Spread Trading, nothing unusual about that. Then around 2 weeks after she posted a video on Youtube stating that this could be a scam and she would investigate. Whilst a little upset as the tone seemed to give the impression that she had failed before even starting I was happy that someone with no connection to me, or trying to sell another package would independently review the package for 12 months.

So here we are 12 months on and a new video has been posted. So now you know its works.