Biz Opps UK Review of Vince Stanzione

Vince Stanzione, Spread Betting and First Information

Vince Stanzione is perhaps best known for his trading exploits, being a self-made millionaire who makes upward of £50,000 per month trading the financial markets.

 An ex-city trader and veteran of the financial markets, Vince has been training ordinary people to trade successfully since the mid-1990s.

 Vince’s tool is “spread betting” and he promises that he can teach you how to make £400 per day from this type of trading, which he calls “Financial Spread Trading”.

 His main product is a home study course called “Making Money from Financial Spread Trading” which is available for £347.

This pack, according to Vince, will show you how to trade popular financial indices like the Dow Jones and FTSE 100 from as little as £10 total risk. Uniquely, it also covers the less popular markets such as commodities, FTSE 350 sectors, currencies, UK shares, US stocks, indices and much more.

He packs in information he has gathered from over 20 years as a professional trader.

Although he hasn’t always been successful (he freely admits to losing everything in the 1987 stock market crash), Vince has made a fortune from spread trading.

Whilst most were losing their heads and their shirts in the great “dot com” boom and bust in the late 90s, Stanzione profitably traded the market on the way up and then also on the way down.

Soon after that, he was featured in several national newspapers.

In 2003 Vince was the subject of a two-page feature in the Sunday Observer where the journalist centred on his success speculating on the price of Antofagasta (a UK company) and also Gold.

According to the article Vince’s trading statements showed he had lost £57,000 over the previous 3 months on a handful of trades but profited to the tune of £400,000 on other trades in the same period – a net gain of £343,000 over 3 months.

On seeing this article, and research about Vince, I bought his course in early 2004.

The 2004 edition of his course contained the following:

  • 180+ page workbook including Vince’s secret trading strategies
  • 120+ minute video or DVD showing edited footage from a £2,500 seminar
  • ShareScope Demo CD
  • BetOnMarkets Interactive CD with free £10 bet
  • Access to TrendSpotter service
  • Copy of Vince’s book “How to Stop Existing and Start Living” which he wrote once he made his first million aged just 26.
  • Access to a virtual trading account (see link below)
  • Lifetime access to a special website with free quotes, updates and financial news from Vince


The workbook itself contains a great deal of information on the basics of spread betting and then goes on to suggest some time-tested strategies for trading the financial markets.

Every 6 months or so I thoroughly read the workbook and make notes to remind myself of Vince’s advice and his ‘golden rules’ of trading. I then watch through the DVD a couple of times – I find it helps to refresh the memory regularly and avoid bad habits which can harm a trading account.

The 2009 course has been updated even further to accommodate new strategies Vince has found and is using.

Vince offers a 100% money back, 1 year guarantee, promising to refund customers in full if they do not make money after following the advice he gives in the course.


If you are looking to learn about Financial Spread Trading then this course is an excellent investment. It contains quality advice and some clever trading strategies and at £347 offers good value for money.

I have used this course and one strategy in particular to make money trading UK shares – it allowed me to pick up a share which was about to rise considerably because, unknown to me or anyone else, it was about to be bought out.

Over just 5 months I traded the share from 475p to 603p following Vince’s advice and made a very healthy profit – tax-free of course!

Because of my success with this course, my satisfaction with the information contained within it and the 100% money-back guarantee I am happy to recommend Making Money from Financial Spread Trading.

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