Top Tip: Diversify your financial spread bets

The advantage of trading with a financial bookmaker is that it allows you to trade numerous products such as currencies, commodities, stocks and bonds all from one account, yet most customers stick to FTSE or DOW.

By diversifying your bets you reduce risk especially in non-correlated markets, i.e. S & P500, Dow, FTSE and the Dax are all major stock indices, you can safely say if the S & P goes down, the others follow. However, if you traded one of the above and also Gold, Oil, Wheat or $/Swiss Franc, you would have a far better balanced account. Another successful strategy that I trade is trading sectors. For example, you could bet one sector to go down such as Telecommunications and one sector to go up such as Tobacco. With Financial Spread Trading you can trade over 30 major FTSE sectors both to go Long (buy) and to go Short (sell). You can also spread bet many Exchange Traded Funds which enable you to take a via on a certain sector such at Nuclear Energy, Mining or Agriculture.

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