Opportunities in Commodities Long and Short

How to profit from Hot Commodities and when they turn Cold

Gold has recently been in the news with its large fall however the commodities markvince stanzione jim rogers commodities trading profit from gold silver cotton copper prices going up and downet is far more diverse than just gold. With Financial Spread Betting for CFDs it is possible to back many commodities to go up or down for example you could back Natural Gas to go up and say Silver to go down. Many are put off from trading commodities but the truth is they are not as hard to trade as most think. The system I outline in my bestselling course Making Money From Financial Spread Trading works just as well on Commodities as it does on FX and Shares after all the main concern is the price and trading Cotton, Canadian Dollar or Citicorp really makes little difference. Also commodities are normally traded in US$ however with spread betting you can trade in a different base currency for example GBP or Euros.

Also many new traders tend to forget that you can make money on falling prices as I have just done with Gold, with spread betting you can go short so you sell first at a higher price as 1600 and then buy back at a lower price 1500 so you profit from the fall.

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commodities 2013 vince stanzione explains how to use financial spread betting profit from prices going up and down

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