Making Money From Financial Spread Betting using ETFs

Here is a new video were I explain more about using Financial Spread Betting and Exchange Traded Funds.

Combining financial spread betting with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can give you a way to get exposure to an ever-growing range of sectors, commodities and global financial indices from which you can profit whether markets are rising or falling. An as an added bonus, UK residents can make tax-free gains, as opposed to any profits on the physical ETF, which would be liable to tax.

Very simply, ETFs or ETPs (exchange-traded products), which have been around since 1993, are funds that are built to track indices. They are traded on a stock exchange, just like a share.

A classic ETF might seek to mirror the performance of an index like the FTSE 100, or perhaps a single sector such as the mining sector, a commodity price such as gold, or a selection of gold miners such as the Market Vectors Gold Miners (GDX).

The Video below explains more to learn more about making money from trading markets just go to

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