147% since 1st of October and it’s not over yet – Cashing in from falling oil

No doubt you have been hearing about the oil prices are “collapsing” in the news and you may have noticed the price of petrol at the pump has finally come down a little, but of course wherever there is a large market move there is alway

vince stanzione oil prices spread betting

s a way to make money, regardless if you have a multi-million account or just a few thousand it’s possible to profit and you can limit your risk but have unlimited profits.

In the case of Oil I have been using an inverse leveraged ETN, this product moves 3 times the inverse price of oil, so say oil drops 2% the ETN will move up 6%. Of course you can also use Financial Spread Betting, CFDs or options. Here is a graph of the product I have been using

Of course oil will not go to zero but I still think Oil can drop more which is good news for me.
If you’re serious about making money trading financial markets then take a look at www.winonmarkets.net There are plenty of opportunities to profit.

Vince Stanzione

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