Should you Buy the Vince Stanzione Making Money Trading Course? Review

After looking at loads of trading courses on the net I kept finding ones that started with a basic course but had lots of add-on’s to “master the system” and of course each time the cost went up a lot. What I wanted was a basic and self-contained course for a reasonable one off fee. So I contacted Vince and he said this course was all I needed to buy. So as there was a 12 month money back guarantee anyway I went ahead. The course covers every aspect of financial spread trading , but more importantly comes from the viewpoint of a trader who actually still makes money in the markets and lays out his “real world” methods and tactics, as opposed to the theory repeated in most trading books. I liked that the systems are simple and the emphasis was on learning only what I needed to get on with trading. The course also showed different financial products to trade that I had never read about like Exchange Traded Funds. The 2 DVDs are great as you get to change from the workbook format to the live presentations and again they have lots of practical training on how to look for and place trades. A copy of the slides used in the presentations are included so you don’t have to go through the DVDs again if you just want to review something. The email support is very fast if needing any help with the course or questions on trading in general.


I have found Vince always gets back with an answer and guidance to get me back on the right track. There is also a course website which has even more articles and online tools to help with finding trades and Vince gives a periodic market update, and this is all included in the cost of the course. So for the price I can’t think of a course that I have looked at on the net that covers all aspects of financial spread trading, with a free membership site and gives email access to a real trader who still actively trades the markets today. Highly recommended.
Geoff Hale