The Luck Factor – Learning to be Lucky – Can this help your Trading?

The Luck Factor – Learning to be Lucky

Something a bit different but very related to what we do.

I found an interesting site and book called the Luck Factor written by Dr. Richard Wiseman based at University of Herefordshire (UK).

Most of you know I am a big believer in psychology and a constant student of human behaviour. Markets and business is all about psychology and beliefs and as our man Tony Robbins says “80% is psychology and 20% is the mechanics” – you can have all the software, real time data and systems you like but if your psychology and your believes are out of whack then it’s not going to work. That is why my Making Money from Financial Spread Trading program has been such a success – it takes a different approach.

I hate it when people say “you’re lucky” as the truth is we make our own luck and more importantly it’s how we deal with negative events and “bad luck” and how you turn those negative events around.  I get people that say that there are no opportunities! Please open your eyes – every day I find plenty, it’s never been as easy to be a millionaire and multi-millionaire as it is today.

You can download a short insight to what the book is about here and the full version is available on Amazon.

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Note: I am not paid to endorse this, just thought you would find it beneficial.

Missing out on commodities?

A special note from Multi-Millionaire Trader: Vince Stanzione

For the last 10 years commodities have been soaring yet over 90% of investors have little or no exposure to commodities. Gold have gone from $250 to $1500 in the last decade and Silver has gone from $5 to $46 a staggering 800% return. Whilst short term these markets look over extended the overall trend is up.  Remember we can also make money from falling markets as well.

Most think trading and investing in commodities is complicated and risky however my course shows how to get exposure to commodities with strictly limited risk.  You use commodities every day, coffee, sugar, gasoline (petrol), cotton, corn, wheat, lean hogs to name a few, so does it not make sense to invest in them?


Vince Stanzioen Trader Gold to hit $1500 and then $2750Silver

Do you realise what is happing to your money? – Its slowly being stolen away from you, with inflation and devaluation and over the coming year’s money will become worth less and less. If you’re in debt and own nothing then you have nothing to worry about, but if you have savings and any assets you need to act as paper (FAIT) money will just keep being printed by the major central banks. In my course I explain exactly what’s happening and what you need to do to protect and profit from these events. If you own an ounce of gold or silver then regardless of what “paper money” does you own a physical asset that can be exchanged for in any currency or goods you decide.

If you’re sick of earning 1% a year on your hard earned savings, fed up of investing with “experts” that can’t beat a blind folded monkey and consistently lose your money but still charge you high fees or have tried a trading system, but failed miserably because it was too difficult, too complicated or just too time consuming… then read on as I am about to expose the secrets the professionals don’t tell you.

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Millionaire Trader Secrets – Independent Newspaper

From the Independent Newspaper 12th April 2011 Business Section:

Millionaire Trader Secrets

If you want to try your hand at making money from the financial markets there are no guarantees, but you can improve your chances of success by learning from a leading expert. Self Made Millionaire Vince Stanzione made his fortune by spread betting on the financial markets and turning an ability to predict trends into a successful trading system and he insists that he can teach others to do the same with his best selling home study course Making Money From Financial Spread Trading which reveals his secrets on how to profit from up, down and even sideways movements in markets such as Gold, Oil, FTSE100 shares and much more. By using financial spread bets and fixed odds bets all profits are tax free making the appeal even greater and you can start with as little as £250.

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Vince Stanzione Millionaire Trader Secrets Independent Newspaper

Vince Stanzione Millionaire Trader Secrets Independent Newspaper