Top Tip: You can make money in all market conditions

While many areas of the media report the grim headlines, what they forget to tell you is that opportunities to make money as a smart trader are all around you. Today, thanks to spread trading you too can profit from markets, shares, currencies and commodities to go down (Short Sell), to go up (Long Buy) and to even trade sideways (Barrier Range), where you would bet for a market to stay in a trading range, say the FTSE to stay within a range of 5,800 to 6,000 for the next 20 days. This can be done via a bookmaker such as

Remember, shares and markets fall faster than they rise so you can make much more money in a falling market than a rising one. Also, the financial markets are like a see-saw, if money flows out of one market, say equity markets, then it flows into another market, such as commodities or bonds.

If the US dollar is weak, then the Euro, Swiss or Australian Dollar will be strong. Trading is a zero sum game; you always have a winner and a loser. Learn more at

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