Making Money From Financial Spread Trading Package Review

Making Money From Financial Spread Trading Package

What do you get for your money?

1.       2 x boxed DVD set ‘Making Money from Financial Spread Trading

2.       Making Money from Financial Spread Trading (A4 Ringbinder to compliment the DVD’s)

3.       How to Stop Existing and Start Living (340 page paperback edition) by Vince Stanzione

4.       Daily updates and Trendspotter access via Vince’s website

5.       £20 Free bet (Compliments of Bet On Markets

6.       Making a fortune from fixed odds Betting (Downloadable ebook)

Having made a number of purchases over the years for various trading systems, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this, on the surface at least, represents great value.

However, what really counts is the education found within the course and how does this translate to the real world of trading for a novice trader and/or experienced trader?

I think that the majority of people looking at any review of a product will first and foremost want to know, who is behind the product.  Vince Stanzione has been a successful trader for a little over 20 years and, according to published statements on his site, now averages  £25k a week in 2010.

So a decent pedigree and what we really want to know is, does the course show you how to begin trading using spread betting and are the methods employed going to be profitable.

Well, it’s a resounding  yes to both questions.  In the detailed course book and within the DVD’s Vince walks us through the placing trades on a number of spreadbetting platforms. All the basics are covered such  as risk per trade such and  the correct  use of entry/exit criteria.

He also shares with us a number of extremely easy to use strategies which he uses to make his trades.  The primary focus in on trend trading which all of the great traders over time have employed as it unveils virtually no screen time and simple proven rules.

The best thing about the course for me is that it is easy to digest and makes total sense as far as how the markets really work and what we as would be traders need to do to profit. His trade style is such that he doesn’t ever spend time in front of the computer during the day. His approach is about getting into the clearly defined trends, as dictated by the system rules, and staying with them and only exiting when his rules dictate. So here’s a simple Set and forget system which will take out he emotional problem you can find with day trading . Even, with losses occurring, the system encourages the cut the losses short and let the profits run mentality.

Because the system is end of day, this in effect means that the system is ideal to anyone who is employed and wishes to trade as a supplementary income or the retired who don’t want to be glued to screens all day. Simply check the charts, or even use the website as he does a lot of the work for you, and then either re-enter or exit a trade if the criteria are met.

If it’s good enough for Warren Buffett, then I’m interested so I’m eager to get going with these strategies right away.

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