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5.0 out of 5 stars Worth every penny! – Pay the extra to learn from the Best,20 Oct 2011
This review is from Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2012 edition (Ring-bound)

Here is my review of Making Money from Financial Spread Trading course by Vince Stanzione, which was just what I have been looking for. I have been trading using Spread Betting with IG Index, Forex with FXCM and shares via Barclays stockbrokers for some years and overall I have not made much money. If I had to be honest I would have been better of leaving the money in the bank.
I have tried to read a number of books on the subject that are supposed to give an insight to the novice However I found the books to be full of jargon and hard to follow and found myself having to constantly back track. I felt that the authors had written the books to show off how clever he or she was. I have also attended seminars spending over £2000 with one company which I will not name as they will threaten legal action but they start with the world “knowledge” and I ended up totally confused.

Vince Stanzione was different, the workbook was very clear; the DVDs were like having a friend or relative explain something to you, if you don’t believe me check YouTube you will find some free clips. The pieces of the trading puzzle started to click after about 3 hours and I can see where I have made some basic trading errors. You also get a demo version of sharescope which seems good but I have not subscribed yet and I am just using the free internet charts for now.

Vince Stanzione has obviously done well at trading but he writes and comes across in his DVDs with genuine generosity and comes across as a down to earth fellow who just tells you how it is. No padding out, no big headed boasts and no confusing jargon.

This is an excellent guide to trading for any newcomer but also for anyone who has been trading for sometime, as there are many tips and common sense guidelines for all levels. Yes its £200 not £10 but better by one decent course than 20 naff books and trust me I have bought them all. Financial Spread Betting Handbook by Malcolm Pryor sorry but I found this so boring and dry, I bought all 3 of his books as a package, Robbie Burns Naked Trader (funny but learnt nothing) apart from that he likes to eat toast, and also it’s a clear sales pitch for his seminars. David Jones Spread Betting the FX market – this was a good; even though I was not interested in just FX this was very good.

Am I making money? I started again a few weeks ago with a small amount and followed the systems outlined, and so far so good, I am not looking for an instant million although I wouldn’t mind one, but starting to make a good second income is finally in my grasp thanks to Vince Stanzione.

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