Trading with the Ipad using IG Index

Thanks to the power of tablets like the ipad and the sophisticated apps such as those offered by IG Index it’s now possible to trade from almost anywhere on the planet. You can place financial spread bets, place orders, check prices and move stops all from your table. As you can see from the Ipad example you can trade shares, commodities, FX, ETFs and bonds all from the ipad.

Whilst it’s good to have the power of having 24 hour access to your account in your hand, it’s important not to over trade or make rash decisions based on being too close to the market. New trader’s often panic out of perfectly good trades or rushes to take profits too soon.

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Using Index app

Using the IG index app

Financial Spread Betting on US shares

Whilst most reading this will be familiar with Financial Spread Betting or Financial Spread Trading on UK shares and indices such as the FTSE100 or the FTSE250 many smaller clients are still reluctant to look at the US market which is a real shame as the opportunities in  the US are massive and you can as easily trade Google and you can Vodafone.

I often hear UK based traders say they don’t know much about the US market, I then remind them that Apple, McDonalds, Starbucks, IBM, Facebook, Google, Proctor & Gamble, Philip Morris to name a few are all US listed stocks.

Vince stanzione NYSE

Many in the UK or Europe are put off by the fact that US shares trade in US Dollars so you also have a FX risk however all major financial bookmakers allow to bet in £,Euros or US$, so whist say IBM are traded in US$ you can bet £1 a point.

The US market makes up around 33% of the world markets so you can certainly not ignore it. The internet gives you access to great data and research and in fact there is more data available on US stocks than US ones.

The time zone can also be friendly for those in the UK and Europe with the US markets closing at 9pm UK time this can be ideal for those that wish to trade in the evening.

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Millionaire Dropout – The Mind of a Trader – How to make money trading

Many of you know me for my financial trading success and Making Money From Financial Spread Trading course but you may not realise I also have an extensive business career and am the New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Dropout, Fire Your Boss, Do what you love and reclaim your life.

Whilst you may think a book on psychology and success seems unrelated to financial markets, I assure you it is. I believe only when you can get your mind and psychology in the right place that then you can start to make consistent profits in markets.  In recent years it has become more acceptable that sports people spend as much time on psychology as they do with their physical training and now I believe traders need to focus more on the mind and not just the method.

If you order Making Money Spread Trading I will send you a free copy of The Millionaire Dropout.

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Making Money From Financial Spread Trading – Vince Stanzione review Daily Express

Taken From Daily Express Newspaper 2nd September 2013

IF you have ever fancied learning how to make money from trading, expert Vince Stanzione has developed a programme to teach people what they need to know.

Having made his own fortune from spread betting on the stock market, he has turned his talents for predicting trends into an effective trading system and is

offering ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading’  for those keen to find out more.

Mr Stanzione said: “There is a lot of interest from people in the over-55 age group and many who are retired and want to boost their income through trading while savings interest rates are so low. 

“In spite of having little or no previous investment experience, they are doing really well and have proved to be excellent students.”

The package includes a workbook and two DVDs, presented in a simple and very informal style, a dedicated members’ website and full support

More Information:

Vince Stanzione newspaper review making money trading shares financial spread betting

Do you know when to sell your shares? – Profit from down markets

Everyone tells you when to buy but no one tells you when to sell, Vince Stanzione gives you some tips

I have now been investing and trading for 28 years, in that time I have seen plenty of trading systems, newsletters and gurus come and nearly all go. What I have always noticed is that:

a)      They would tell you when to buy but would never tell you went to sell and get out. It’s often the case with tipping services or other media.

b)      They would also want to you to buy and would never recommend short selling as if it is some great sin to make money from down moves.

So when I wrote Making Money From Financial Spread Trading I knew exactly what I wanted to offer, it had to have a clear buy and sell rule and the system had to be happy to go short (profit from down moves) as well as up. Today you can also use Inverse ETFs, which go up as the underlying go down.

Vince Stanzione Financial Spread Betting Make money trading shares

Right now my system is short S&P500, DOW, FTSE100 and other markets are getting closer to a sell signal but what’s important that it will give a clear signal when to close this position and it will also give a new buy back signal which will allow us to profit from the next up move.

Now longer term I am optimistic about global stock markets but at the same time nothing wrong with making some money from falling prices as well.

Having a system and a plan to follow cuts out the emotions, as I have stated before its not what you or I “think should happen” it is what is really happening. Also my style of trading does not mean you have to be stuck to a screen all day and checking prices every few minutes, once a day is normally enough and you can get everything done normally within less than 10 minutes.

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Making Money From Financial Trading – Vince Stanzione Interview

In this recent interview for Vicky Letch talks to Vince Stanzione about trading financial markets, Financial Spread Betting, CFDs and asks your questions including:

  1. We know you have done well and continue to do well and no one is disputing that and you have a great track record and reputation but most people watching this are just starting out and don’t have massive amounts to invest, can they still do it?
  2. Most people watching don’t have hours  to spend they have jobs and a family life can you still do this say in the evening or morning?
  3. What about those that have got in to Financial Spread Betting and lost serious amounts of money, what did they do wrong and what is your advice?
  4. If you could give 1 or 2 top tips for those starting out taking for your 28 years of experience what would they be.
  5. You have a package Called Making Money From Financial Spread Trading can you explain more about  the program
  6. If someone is watching from the USA can they do this?
  7. What about other countries say Australia, or Singapore I thought Spread betting was only for the UK?

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How to Profit from falling Gold prices

Whilst the last decade has been good for Gold bulls we have also had some very good opportunities to make money from falling gold prices. One of the easiest ways for those in the UK is to use Financial Spread Betting. For example IG Index are currently quoting 1593.4 to sell and 1594.0 to buy so if we went to back a view that Gold is going lower we would sell at 1593.4 in this example I have gone short £100 a point (the minimum  is £10 with IG Index).

Vince Stanzione Gold short IG Index

At some stage we will want to close our bet so we will then want to buy to close. The difference between what we sold at and the lower price that we can buy back to cover at is our profit. Of course if we are short and Gold prices carry on going up then we would have to cover and buy back at a higher price.

The video below also explains more.

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Keep it simple for good, solid results – Amazon Verified Purchase

When a product review is marked “Amazon Verified Purchase”, it means that the customer who wrote the review purchased the item at
5.0 out of 5 stars Keep it simple for good, solid results., 27 Nov 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2012 edition (Ring-bound)

A few years ago, I decided to try and make money on the stock market for the first time ever. I thought the more complex the technical analysis indicator, the more advanced it seemed, then the more you were unlocking the secret to the markets themselves and half way to making loads of cash. Little did I know…

After giving myself a slap having lost a small fortune, I thought enough was enough.

I took a break and then decided to do some solid research into what actually provides results before embarking for one last time. One name kept popping up, time and time again – Vince Stanzione. Who was this guy, was it a scam, was it true, etc. Trust me, you will think the same if you have been in this situation.

I took the hit on the ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2012 edition’ and it all clicked into place. I actually felt like I knew everything in the guide, but I took it in this time and appreciated it for what it really was telling me.

If you have tried dabbling in the markets before and failed, I guarantee you that will think ‘I know all of this’ already having read the course, but ask yourself this – did you ever once just stick to the rules from the course and only them? Probably not.

I am now in profit after a painful two years in the red (great feeling!) and what is most enjoyable in all of this, is that it has taken me only around three or four months and I have no ‘market-stress’ now. I check the markets once a day and do a little research every other night – time permitting if required.

I don’t feel lucky, I feel properly educated which is getting me results.

New Year – New Income Trading Financial Markets

Hope 2013 is getting off to a great start for you in all areas of your life. If you’re looking for an extra income but don’t want the usual hassles of starting a business then Trading Financial Markets is an ideal way to profit from shares, currencies and Vince Stanzione Financial Spread Bettingcommodities following a step by step system and spending no more than 15 minutes a day. You can use my system for Financial Spread Betting, CFD’s, FX accounts and buying and sell shares on-line.

This is not some get rich quick scheme, I have been doing this for 28 years, we only deal with recognised FSA registered firms and you can decide how much you wish to risk on any one trade. Unlike most we can profit up, down and even sideways movements.

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Take a Bite of Kraft foods (KFT) and cash in on the Snacking Trend

As a trader and investor it’s important that we look around us at changing social and demographic trends which can affect companies. One sector I highlighted at my recent seminar is “snaking” and it’s a trend which will continue globally.  Being a trend follower is not all about looking at charts, in fact a visit to your local supermarket can also reveal a lot of what’s going on.

Like it or not people just don’t sit at the table and eat 3 meals a day anymore at set times. The trend is eating on the go, eating whilst using the internet or watching TV (I am sure many are reading this with a snack or drink not too far away) and generally more pre prepared small packet foods which are higher margin.

One company which stands to do well from this trend is Kraft Foods (NYSE:KFT). Kraft will be splitting in to two companies on the 1st October 2012, so if you own shares now you will end up with one share in Kraft Foods which will be the grocery brands business and one share in the new snack business Mondelez which will trade on the NASDAQ under MDLZ. If you have a financial spread bet then the bookmakers will adjust your bet accordingly.

Kraft own household brands Including Cadbury, Oreo, Kenco coffee, Lu, Ritz to name a few and have a strong presence in emerging markets and the Oreo cookie is a best seller in China. Kraft has cashed in from taking taking the Oreo and adding changing flavours to suit Local tastes such as Green Tea and Mandarin Orange.


Kraft are also moving more into the “healthier” snack markets with product such as Belvita breakfast biscuits which are made with wholegrain cereals, little sugar and some have live yogurt fillings.

Market researcher The NPD Group estimates that the number of times people snack in the mornings will jump 23 percent between 2008 and 2018. That’s compared with a 20 and 15 percent increase in afternoon and evening snacking, respectively so this offers great growth potential.

Of course Europe is a weaker spot with cash strapped consumers trading down to cheaper home brands and higher commodities prices also eroding margins but overall Kraft is in a good position to deal with this and slower European markets are being compensated by faster emerging markets.

Kraft shares have really done nothing the last 10 years, however I think the next 5 years are going to be much better for shareholders and we are going to start seeing results from restructuring that has been going on in the background.

So far this year Kraft is up around 8% and shares are trading at around $40. Looking forward I can see the two parts trading at over $50 in the next 12 months. Kraft also pay a dividend currently yielding around 3%.  The business remains fairly defensive yet also has growth in emerging markets and new products.

Before you try financial spread betting it is well worth getting some good advice and training. Spread betting veteran Vince Stanzione knows how to make a living from spread betting, having been trading for over 25 years. He has produced a course, ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading’, which is a 160-page workbook, two and a half hours of DVDs and a members-only website. To find out more go to