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How savers are making money as the 0.5% base rate drags on

By Rob Shepherd

With the Bank of England’s base rate gathering cobwebs at 0.5%, millions of savers are now desperate to see how to prevent their savings dwindling further.

“It’s little wonder many people are now looking beyond savings and pensions to the stock market,” says multi-millionaire Vince Stanzione, who built his fortune using a simple online system for following share price activity and investing accordingly. “The so-called security of savings accounts has become meaningless after year upon year of microscopic returns.”

Stanzione, author of the best-selling book The Millionaire Dropout, says that wariness of the stock market is often not so much because of the risk but because of the markets’ alienating jargon and apparent incomprehensibility. But, says Stanzione, these are not real barriers.

“I’m now seeing a lot of investors, many 55+ or retired, who are no longer intimidated by the markets’ smoke and mirrors.”

This may be down to Stanzione’s own approach to trading, as he reveals the system that amassed his personal fortune, insisting it is so straightforward, anyone can do it.

Having tested it across an extraordinary range of market conditions over 15 years, Stanzione has turned his system into a personal training package called ‘Making Money From Financial Spread Trading’. Its workbook, two DVDs and members-only website (plus support) cover both spread trading and conventional share dealing and, crucial in volatile times, show how money can be made from shares going down, and even sideways, as well as up.

“And if that language sounds a bit alien, the package will explain,” says Stanzione. “I’ve eliminated the jargon and demystified everything. I take students step by step, with a dummy account to practice on. You start by studying, then you try a few small trades and work up from there at your own speed.  

“Typically, students spend around 30 minutes a day and can do it from anywhere, including tablets and smart phones.”

Of course, there are no guarantees of a return but learning from an expert greatly improves the odds, with the added attraction that profits are tax-free. Would-be traders can start with as little as £1000.

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Taken from Daily Telegraph 1st April 2014 page B4 Business Section

vince stanzione daily telegraph April 2014

Do you know when to sell your shares? – Profit from down markets

Everyone tells you when to buy but no one tells you when to sell, Vince Stanzione gives you some tips

I have now been investing and trading for 28 years, in that time I have seen plenty of trading systems, newsletters and gurus come and nearly all go. What I have always noticed is that:

a)      They would tell you when to buy but would never tell you went to sell and get out. It’s often the case with tipping services or other media.

b)      They would also want to you to buy and would never recommend short selling as if it is some great sin to make money from down moves.

So when I wrote Making Money From Financial Spread Trading I knew exactly what I wanted to offer, it had to have a clear buy and sell rule and the system had to be happy to go short (profit from down moves) as well as up. Today you can also use Inverse ETFs, which go up as the underlying go down.

Vince Stanzione Financial Spread Betting Make money trading shares

Right now my system is short S&P500, DOW, FTSE100 and other markets are getting closer to a sell signal but what’s important that it will give a clear signal when to close this position and it will also give a new buy back signal which will allow us to profit from the next up move.

Now longer term I am optimistic about global stock markets but at the same time nothing wrong with making some money from falling prices as well.

Having a system and a plan to follow cuts out the emotions, as I have stated before its not what you or I “think should happen” it is what is really happening. Also my style of trading does not mean you have to be stuck to a screen all day and checking prices every few minutes, once a day is normally enough and you can get everything done normally within less than 10 minutes.

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How To Trade Shares and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Using Financial Spread Betting

Financial Spread Betting or also known as Financial Spread Trading is sometimes thought of as a short-term business, in which bets are placed for a few days or even hours in search of quick profits. It is certainly possible to do well out of short-term spread betting but you shouldn’t overlook the possibilities of betting over the long term too, as there can be significant advantages over traditional share trading in terms of convenience and cost.

Spread betting involves less difficulty than share trading and it can work out More cost effective, because of the costs involved in buying and selling shares through a broker. You pay commission when you buy and sell shares (this might be £10 each time on a small trade, more for larger ones) and stamp duty of 0.5pc when you buy. These dealing costs can make a big dent in profits and increase your break-even point.

With financial spread betting, the cost of a quarterly bet is included in the spread and there is generally no tax to pay* (though you should check your tax situation). Because financial spread betting is leveraged – you are not buying the underlying shares – capital outlay is much lower than in traditional share trading. Think of it like a mortgage on your house, you get to buy an asset with just a percentage upfront.

vince stanzione financial spread betting IG Index share tradingThe Beginner's Guide to Financial Spread Betting: Step-by-step instructions and winning strategies

Short-term bets of a few hours or days can be a good way of taking advantage of sudden shifts in price. Many traders like to place short-term bets on market indices such as the FTSE100 or the Dow Jones, where movements are often the result of macroeconomic trends.

When betting short-term, it is advisable to keep a close eye on the way the market is moving, so that you can get out at the right time. Automated share price alerts make this easier and now most financial bookmakers such as IG Index have Apps which allow you to check prices on the go from your phone or iPad. Financial Spread betting in the longer term – weeks or months – allows you to take a view of the fundamental strengths of individual shares, without worrying too much about short-term price fluctuations. By using a longer dated contract you are not as focused on short term moves.

Spread betting is similar to share trading, although it is important to use stop-losses to help manage risk by limiting the amount of losses you can make on a single trade. When you place your bet, you specify a lower limit: if the share price falls to that limit, the bet is automatically closed and you will suffer no further losses. Anyone with experience of share trading can use the knowledge they have gained when spread betting. Also make sure you use money management and only place a percentage on your trading account on any one particular share.

For a small premium you could take out a guaranteed stop-loss. This removes the risk, present in very volatile markets. Your position will close at the level you set. With a guaranteed stop-loss, your risk can never exceed the chosen level.

With short-term bets, it is a good idea to set a narrow stop-loss limit, so that you are not caught out by a sudden market swing. With long-term bets you can set the limits a little wider – and the potential profits can be considerable.

*Tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances

Some of the advantages of Financial Spread Betting

1. There is usually no stamp duty or capital gains tax* to pay on profits

2. You can control the risks by using a device called a stop-loss

3. You can use your existing share-trading knowledge of the markets

4. Bet wherever and whenever, even when some markets are closed

5. You can open positions without paying full shareprice – through leverage

6. You can profit from falling share prices (going short) which is normally not possible with most stockbrokers

7. You can use Financial Spread Betting to hedge an existing portfolio

8. You can trade non UK shares just as easily, for example US, Australia, European shares all from the same account.

The Beginner's Guide to Financial Spread Betting: Step-by-step instructions and winning strategies Vince Stanzione Ig Index

Before starting financial spread betting it pays to get good training. Vince Stanzione

has been trading for 28 years and has produced a course called Making Money From Financial Spread Trading, to find out more just go to  

Trade less – Make More Money- the 1 minute trading rule

Here is a brief video explaining more about the 1 minute trading rule and why you don’t have to be glued to a screen all day to make money from trading markets and Financial Spread Betting. to learn more go to