How to Profit from falling Gold prices

Whilst the last decade has been good for Gold bulls we have also had some very good opportunities to make money from falling gold prices. One of the easiest ways for those in the UK is to use Financial Spread Betting. For example IG Index are currently quoting 1593.4 to sell and 1594.0 to buy so if we went to back a view that Gold is going lower we would sell at 1593.4 in this example I have gone short £100 a point (the minimum  is £10 with IG Index).

Vince Stanzione Gold short IG Index

At some stage we will want to close our bet so we will then want to buy to close. The difference between what we sold at and the lower price that we can buy back to cover at is our profit. Of course if we are short and Gold prices carry on going up then we would have to cover and buy back at a higher price.

The video below also explains more.

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