Financial Spread Betting on US shares

Whilst most reading this will be familiar with Financial Spread Betting or Financial Spread Trading on UK shares and indices such as the FTSE100 or the FTSE250 many smaller clients are still reluctant to look at the US market which is a real shame as the opportunities in  the US are massive and you can as easily trade Google and you can Vodafone.

I often hear UK based traders say they don’t know much about the US market, I then remind them that Apple, McDonalds, Starbucks, IBM, Facebook, Google, Proctor & Gamble, Philip Morris to name a few are all US listed stocks.

Vince stanzione NYSE

Many in the UK or Europe are put off by the fact that US shares trade in US Dollars so you also have a FX risk however all major financial bookmakers allow to bet in £,Euros or US$, so whist say IBM are traded in US$ you can bet £1 a point.

The US market makes up around 33% of the world markets so you can certainly not ignore it. The internet gives you access to great data and research and in fact there is more data available on US stocks than US ones.

The time zone can also be friendly for those in the UK and Europe with the US markets closing at 9pm UK time this can be ideal for those that wish to trade in the evening.

To learn more about Financial Spread Betting on US shares click here

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