London Business Start Up Show – Come and Say Hello

I will be speaking at the London Business Start Up show on Friday 29th November at 4pm, please come by and say hello, if you would like a copy of The Millionaire Dropout signed then bring one with you or you can buy at copy at the show. You can find me at Wiley/Capstone Seminar Hall 17. To get more details about the show (which is free to attend) see


16:00 Friday Vince Stanzione

Starting your own business on £100

Want to fire your boss, do what you love and reclaim your life? People often say they don’t have a lot of money, so they can’t start their own business. Well Vince Stanzione will tell you otherwise! He will show you that it is very much possible to set up your own business from just £100. Come along to his inspirational talk and learn how this can be done.

Note this is not spread betting or trading the video below gives you a taste of what the content will be.

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