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5.0 out of 5 stars At Last I am now making money from my Trading:,9 May 2012

This review is from: Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2012 edition (Ring-bound)

I have been around the block, I started learning about futures from Ken Roberts around 20 years ago and on and off I have lost more than I care to admit, so when I heard about Vince Stanzione on a radio show you can understand that I was sceptical and it was a case of “here we go again” but something made me stop and take note and he was giving some good info out.
Anyway I bought it and whilst sceptical I gave it a chance and really started reading it as if I was just starting out. I am now into my first year and I am no going to tell you I have made a million as I have not, but it’s the first time ever that I have shown a year on year profit of just over 30% on my account. At risk of repeating what some of the other reviewers have said Vince Stanzione is the real deal, the package arrived quickly, the quality of print and DVD was professional and the man himself was on hand to give support and answer emails so really I have to say a 5 star service and so far so good.

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