Best Sectors so far in 2013 – Financial Spread Betting Sectors ETFs

The table below shows the best and worst Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) so far in 2013. One area I really like and have done for a few years is the Biotech -Pharma sector. As you will see 5 of the top 10 ETFs are in this sector and that comes on the back of a very strong 2012. On the weak side we see mining and metals have been a awful for anyone that has been long. The good news is with financial spread betting you can easily profit from down moves going short. Many look at just the FTSE100, S&P500 or Dow Jones which has been strong in 2013 but under the surface sectors show that not everything has been going up.


Strong ETF BBH

And a weak one

We can trade a “pairs trade” so be short the weak sector and long a strong on. To learn more about how to profit from financial trading, Spread betting, CFDs,Options using a step by step system just go to