Waiting for the BIG waves – How to make money Trading Financial Markets

Sometimes the best trades are the ones you do not make. Trading can become addictive, both for losing traders who want to get even, and winning traders who are now on a roll and want to take over the world in 7 days!

Vince Stanzione- Financial Trader

Vince Stanzioen financial trading trading the waves

After a few profitable trades, some traders become wild and un-conservative. The

y base their trades on hunches and long shots, rather than sound fundamental and technical reasoning, or they put their money into one deal that “can’t fail”.

Markets have been here for years and they will be here for many more to come. As already stated, the best trades are trend trends where a trade is entered long or short and is left to run with the trend. Don’t make new trades or mess with an open winning trade just because you’re bored or want something new. I have seen many sell shares like Apple and Netflix with small profits as they become bored. Had they just stayed with them, they would have made far bigger returns for doing nothing.

The trading system outlined in Making Money From Financial Spread Trading shows you when to get in a trade ride that wave and then get out. I don’t claim to get in right at the start or get out right at the end, but I do capture the main part of the move and that has made me alot of money over the years in shares, commodities,bonds and indices.

I often think of it like the classic Guinness TV Commercial (see below)

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Financial Spread Betting on Scotland YES – NO

Had a few emails about making money from the Yes/No vote in Scotland. Paddypower odds are clearly pricing a NO with 2/9 On so that means you have to place £100 to win £22.22. If you think yes then that is 10/3 which means £100 wins you 333.33.

vince stanzione betting on yes no vote scotland financial spread betting

Over at IG Index they offer a point spread of 16 to 22, as a binary bet the outcome is 0 (NO Bet) or 100 (YES bet) so if we think no and sell £10 a point at 16 and no is the outcome then our gains are 16 x £10, of course if its YES we lose 84 X 10. Those wanting to take the outside bet of Yes would buy at 22 with the maximum risk being 22 points and your gain would be 78


Obviously there is no such thing as a risk free bet but right now the smart money is on the NO vote

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vince stanzione IG index yes no scotland vote


Best Sectors so far in 2013 – Financial Spread Betting Sectors ETFs

The table below shows the best and worst Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) so far in 2013. One area I really like and have done for a few years is the Biotech -Pharma sector. As you will see 5 of the top 10 ETFs are in this sector and that comes on the back of a very strong 2012. On the weak side we see mining and metals have been a awful for anyone that has been long. The good news is with financial spread betting you can easily profit from down moves going short. Many look at just the FTSE100, S&P500 or Dow Jones which has been strong in 2013 but under the surface sectors show that not everything has been going up.


Strong ETF BBH

And a weak one

We can trade a “pairs trade” so be short the weak sector and long a strong on. To learn more about how to profit from financial trading, Spread betting, CFDs,Options using a step by step system just go to http://www.winonmarkets.net

Financial Spread Betting Tips – Leaders & Laggards ETFs so far 2013

As well as trading the major Financial Indices such as the Dow Jones, S&P500, Dax and FTSE100 it is also possible to profit from sectors and Exchange Traded Funds. With Financial Spread Betting you can also look to short an ETF and profit from a down move.

Vince Stanzione Trader exchage Traded funds top 2013

As you can see Biotech has been a very strong sector so far in 2013 and Gold miners have been the laggards. Another strong market – region this year has been Japan which is trying to stimulate its economy after years of little growth.

An example of the Biotech ETF (BBH) using IG Index

igindex financail spread betting example


Here are the top ten holdings in the BBH


The aim of this update is for you to get thinking about more than just the headline indices and look below the surface for profitable trading opportunities and it’s not a case of always betting on stocks to go up, even with the Dow Jones, Dax and S&P500 at new all times highs you can see there have been plenty weak sectors as well.

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