Waiting for the BIG waves – How to make money Trading Financial Markets

Sometimes the best trades are the ones you do not make. Trading can become addictive, both for losing traders who want to get even, and winning traders who are now on a roll and want to take over the world in 7 days!

Vince Stanzione- Financial Trader

Vince Stanzioen financial trading trading the waves

After a few profitable trades, some traders become wild and un-conservative. The

y base their trades on hunches and long shots, rather than sound fundamental and technical reasoning, or they put their money into one deal that “can’t fail”.

Markets have been here for years and they will be here for many more to come. As already stated, the best trades are trend trends where a trade is entered long or short and is left to run with the trend. Don’t make new trades or mess with an open winning trade just because you’re bored or want something new. I have seen many sell shares like Apple and Netflix with small profits as they become bored. Had they just stayed with them, they would have made far bigger returns for doing nothing.

The trading system outlined in Making Money From Financial Spread Trading shows you when to get in a trade ride that wave and then get out. I don’t claim to get in right at the start or get out right at the end, but I do capture the main part of the move and that has made me alot of money over the years in shares, commodities,bonds and indices.

I often think of it like the classic Guinness TV Commercial (see below)

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