Financial Spread Betting on Scotland YES – NO

Had a few emails about making money from the Yes/No vote in Scotland. Paddypower odds are clearly pricing a NO with 2/9 On so that means you have to place £100 to win £22.22. If you think yes then that is 10/3 which means £100 wins you 333.33.

vince stanzione betting on yes no vote scotland financial spread betting

Over at IG Index they offer a point spread of 16 to 22, as a binary bet the outcome is 0 (NO Bet) or 100 (YES bet) so if we think no and sell £10 a point at 16 and no is the outcome then our gains are 16 x £10, of course if its YES we lose 84 X 10. Those wanting to take the outside bet of Yes would buy at 22 with the maximum risk being 22 points and your gain would be 78


Obviously there is no such thing as a risk free bet but right now the smart money is on the NO vote

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