Financial Spread Betting Tips – Leaders & Laggards ETFs so far 2013

As well as trading the major Financial Indices such as the Dow Jones, S&P500, Dax and FTSE100 it is also possible to profit from sectors and Exchange Traded Funds. With Financial Spread Betting you can also look to short an ETF and profit from a down move.

Vince Stanzione Trader exchage Traded funds top 2013

As you can see Biotech has been a very strong sector so far in 2013 and Gold miners have been the laggards. Another strong market – region this year has been Japan which is trying to stimulate its economy after years of little growth.

An example of the Biotech ETF (BBH) using IG Index

igindex financail spread betting example


Here are the top ten holdings in the BBH


The aim of this update is for you to get thinking about more than just the headline indices and look below the surface for profitable trading opportunities and it’s not a case of always betting on stocks to go up, even with the Dow Jones, Dax and S&P500 at new all times highs you can see there have been plenty weak sectors as well.

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Best Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) so far this year and the Goldman Sachs N11

Below you can see a table of the best and worst Exchange Traded Funds. These can be bought and sold via an online broker such as chalesschwab or interactivebrokers. You can also place a spread bet or CFD trade via a company such as IG Index or Cantor Index.

What is interesting is that 3 of the best markets so far in 2012 are in fact in the N11.

The Next Eleven (N-11) are the eleven countries—Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, South Korea, and Vietnam—identified by Goldman Sachs investment bank and economist Jim O’Neill.

Whilst we all know growth is slowing down in developed markets and areas such as Europe are in a recession many parts of the world are seeing massive changes and growth of the new middle class. I explain more about looking for new opportunities and trends in my course Making Money From Financial Spread Trading, click here for more details.