Honest Reviews Are Important – Vince Stanzione course review From Amazon

This review has been taken from Amazon and is totally unsolicited.

I wish to write an honest review and update this as time goes with my continual use of Vince trading system.
However being a technical person, and working with Databases, Geographical Information Systems, and website development; I’m use to technical Jargon within a particular field. Vince course however presents adeptly to an individual outside the trading arena; and for that individual to have a clearer view with regards to understanding how to trade successfully.
But most importantly for the seasoned traders his package may very well assist you to eliminate the “noise” in the business by giving you exactly whats important for you to be truly successful.

Do you really have to know everything about trading and be overwhelmed by the immense amount of information out there??? Or do you want to have key working system that’s versatile and when followed correctly assist you to make money?
As for many I don’t need to know everything about “Average Directional Index”, “Bollinger Bandwidth”,
“Detrended Price Oscillation” etc to begin trading… the main thing I can be able to use the
most important sifted principles and teachings and apply them and make a significant profit and that’s what matter; Don’t you agree?
We all do trading to make money not to know every single thing and would not be able to apply them.

Now this is the best part, Vince has the ability (only genuine teachers have) to make the seemingly hard to grasp concepts, easier to grasp and understand. A point to note: even though they are a lot of information out there, implementing proper systems with just relevant information that works can be a major problem for many so called Gurus. Gurus, often over complicate things because they know too much, and may also be ambiguous and hence the inability to resort to being simple and clear in what they want to illustrate. It’s like they often wish to show off what they know instead of assisting you to understand what you need to know. Now as for Vince I consider him a Guru, but a leader who has the ability to serve. From his years of experience and his ability to expose most important concepts to becoming a better trader, should be a minor portion of reasoning to get this package. Twenty eight (28 yrs) trading portrays maturity and a discipline that is rare….but having a trainer that actually implements what he teaches, and responds to your questions and emails promptly is even greater.

Most people might question how successful this course can assist them to be, but vince has a genuine persona about him that regardless what you’ll know when someone or a course is all about “HYPE”;but as for me I prefer learn from the past successes and failures of a veteran than to experience them for my self at a higher cost.

Now what i’m saying is not to think the system is a walk in the park and you’ll have cash falling from the sky overnight…it’s a system to help create leverage, which may assist new traders and even older traders who’ve been “breaking even” to finally realize that we’re not perfect and we’re humans we make errors; But we can be able to making significant profits from our winning trades that might surpass the mistakes or losses of the loosing ones. Vince system calls for humility and patience and persistence. And its major key to successful trading, but remember hard work but for an highly profitable reward if followed correctly. It’s easier to say something and its always another to implement what you know and put it into good use, the only thing that should be stopping you from your success is yourself(no blame Games)

I’ve known of people loosing a fortune in trading only to give up all hope. I must
Say he’s the real deal, and my first attempt to trade on the markets has proven itself to be successful thanks to vinces teachings. The good part about this is when I make mistakes I can be able to highlight my very problem based on the systems and rules that I’ve broken. Nothing Good comes easy. If you’re not able to follow concepts this is not for you. But for
serious individuals who have a drive and persistence for success like I am, you’ll definitely like this course to
begin with.

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