How you too can Make Money from Falling Financial Markets

The majority of private investors are still conditioned to making money from shares or markets going  up and over the long run that is not a bad strategy, the stock market over time goes up, however as we are seeing so far in 2016 markets do not go up in a nice straight line, that would be far too easy, instead up trends are broken up by sharp sell offs, these range from 10% sell offs normally know as a correction to 20% sell offs know as a bear market.

If you look at any chart (graph) of a share price what will be apparent is that shares and markets fall faster than they rise and the saying “Markets take the stairs up but the elevator (lift) down” has some truth.

vince stanzione financial spread betting make money from falling markets

But it’s not all doom and gloom, today even the small investor has tools available to make money from a falling market, offer an easy solution to profit from a falling market with strictly limited risk using a binary option and you can make these trades with as little as £10. You can place trades on popular indices as well as Gold and Oil to fall and of course rise.

“Markets take the stairs up but the elevator (lift) down”

There are other ways to profit from falling markets including Financial Spread Betting,CFDS, Inverse Exchange Traded Funds and Traded Options.
The Trading system I teach in my course Making Money From Financial Spread Trading outlines and exact buy and sell system, this system went short (down bet) on the 4th January 2016 and so far is sitting in a very nice profit.

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