Making Money from Financial Spread Betting – Bulls & Bears

The big advantage of Financial Spread Betting, Contracts For Differences (CFDs) or Option trading is the ability to profit from down moves as well as up. At any time in a financial market you will always get those that believe a share or market is overpriced (the Bears) and those that think a market will go up (The Bulls).

Right now the great minds at Goldman Sachs are forecasting that the US broad index the S&P500 will end 2012 near the 1250 level, that’s a step fall of about 14% from the currently levels. They then see the price rebound and are looking for the S&P500 to make new highs in 2013.

As I stated in my previous update I prefer to “trade with what I see rather than not what I think.” To learn more about how to profit from up and down moves in financial markets, shares, commodities and currencies please go to

Best and Worst Financial Spread Betting Markets so far 2012

So far this year Soyabean Meal and Soyabeans have been the top two markets. Whilst spread betting commodities may seem difficult in reality it’s not that hard at all. Most major spread betting companies like IG Index or City Index will allow you to place bets and normally starting with fairly small stakes. On the short side (remember we can bet to go down as well) Coffee prices and Natural Gas have been the best shorts.

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