Make Money from Financial Spread Betting Exchange Traded Funds

Whilst many look to trade the FTSE100, Dow Jones or NASDAQ they miss some great opportunities in Sector Exchange Traded Funds. Combining Financial Spread Betting with ETFs can give you a way to get exposure to an ever growing range of sectors, commodities, global financial indices which you can profit from regardless of markets moving up or down. As an added bonus UK taxpayers can make tax free gains. If you’re not UK based you can also look at Contracts For Difference (CFDs) which allow you to do the same.

As the table shows so far this year Biotech shares have been doing very well, whilst the S&P 500 is up around 6% the Biotechnology ETF is up 30%. Of course we can also make money from markets going down as well, for example coffee prices have fallen over 30% this year and Natural Gas has also fallen around the same.

Of course you can buy and sell ETFs via any online broker but you can also place a spread bets on many ETFs. The video below explains more and I reveal my full trading system in Making Money From Financial Spread Trading 2012 edition, to read more go to