Everyone tells you when to buy but no one tells you when to sell

I have now been investing and trading for over 27 years, in that time I have seen plenty of trading systems, newsletters and gurus come and nearly all go. What I have always noticed is that:


a)      They would tell you when to buy but would never tell you went to sell and get out. It’s often the case with tipping services or other media.

b)      They would also want to you to buy and would never recommend short selling as if it is some great sin to make money from down moves.


So when I wrote Making Money From Financial Spread Trading I knew exactly want I wanted to offer, it had to have a clear buy and sell rule and the system had to be happy to go short (profit from down moves) as well as up. Today you can also use Inverse ETFs, which go up as the underlying go down.

Right now my system is short S&P500, DOW, FTSE100, NASDAQ100 and about every major stock index since the start of October 2012, but what’s important that it will give a clear signal when to close this position and it will also give a new buy back signal which will allow us to profit from the next up move.

To learn more about how to profit from up and down moves in Financial Markets using Financial Spread Bets, CFDs, Share trading and Exchange Trading funds please visit http://www.winonmarkets.net



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