Why do most people not Make Money from Financial Spread Betting?

It’s often quoted that 90% of all Financial Spread Betting and FX accounts do not make money. From my research this figure also stands true for most retail stockbroking accounts so it’s not just Spread Betting. It’s also said that 90% of professional money managers do not beat an index fund.

So what separates the 10% winners from the 90% that lose? In this video you will find some tips from Vince Stanzione. Regardless of if you’re using Spread Betting, CFDs or buying and selling shares via an online broker it’s important to treat trading and investing as a business and not some bit of fun. The winning traders have a system (which does not need to be complicated) but it must have a defined way to get in and out of a trades.


It’s also important to realise that many of your trades will not be successful and that is just part of the business, what is important is to limit the losses on those trades so no one trade however sure you are ends up causing you to lose a large percentage of your account.

I have found over my 27 years of trading and investing that we can learn as much from losing traders as winning ones, if we can identify the patterns of a losing trader and then ensure that we do not do the same then we will be successful.


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