How I made over 600% profit thanks to a ladies Handbag!

As a typical man I don’t know much about handbags apart from the good lady never seems to have enough of them. So there I was in a fancy department store waiting for Mrs S to pick one bag so we could finally go and eat.  During my waiting time I was watching ladies of all ages buying handbags but spotted one brand selling rather well – Mulberry.

It was the weekend so markets were closed but after checking my trading system which confirmed that MUL had a buy signal I placed a small spread bet on Mulberry (LSE:MUL). That was about 14 months ago and since then the stock is up 600% (check it out yourself) anyway I recently closed them out.

Vince Stanzione IG Index account Spread Betting

Vince Stanzione Mulberry Shares

Truth is opportunities to make money from trading financial markets are all around you, you can profit from up, down and even sideways markets. You too could be making anything for £100 to £2000+ a day tax free from financial markets.

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Spread Betting Tip: Don’t Get Married!

Millionaire Trader Vince Stanzione says that you should never get married to your position if you want to be a successful trader. A good trader should be happy to go long or short the same market or stock. Also sticking to the same share or market just because it’s been good to you in the past is not the way to profit. Many get stuck in to a losing trade “hoping” it will get better when the best option is cut and start again.

Also whilst just staying with one or two markets may sound good practice I have found it’s better to play the field and have plenty of options open to you. If you decide to trade just the Euro/$ or just the S&P500 there will be times when those markets are just not offering great trading opportunities but you can bet that other markets will be offering better risk/reward trades. My system teaches how to trade Currencies, commodities, world-wide stocks, Indices and Bonds giving you the most ways to profit.
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