Learn to Trade Financial Markets in 2013

With January over the table below shows the best and worst markets so far in 2013. With Financial Spread Betting via a firm such as IG Index, City Index, Capital Spreads or Cantor Index it is possible to speculate on a vast range of markets including Pork Bellies, Cotton and Platinum. You can also trade global indices such as the Dow Jones, Nikkei 225 and S&P500. Foreign Exchange or FX also remain popular financial spread bets with the Yen continuing to be weak you can short the Yen against various currencies such as the GBP, Euro or US$. Those outside the UK can also use Contracts For Difference (CFDs) which are now popular in Europe and Australia.


Vince Stanzione top markets for 2013 Make money financial spread betting

Regardless of which market you trade it’s important to have a disciplined approach and follow a proven system when buying and selling. In my Making Money from financial spread trading course I outline an exact system which you can put in to action spending no more than 15 to 20 minutes a day.

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Make £100 to £2,000 Extra per day part time from Financial Markets in 2013

“Whether you’re a complete beginner or you trade the financial markets already, I’m certain I can help you make more money and give you an unfair advantage … REGARDLESS of market conditions.”

Whilst 2012 has seen many doom and gloom events and headlines against this back drop my students have been making an extra £100 to £2000+ a day simply by following my trading system and using the same tools that I use every day. Even better, these profits can be banked by trading just 20 minutes a day. Order now and we can have the Making Money FrMake Money Trading Markets Vince Stanzione Maximium Trading Profits In Minimum Timeom Financial Spread Trading 2013 package with you before the Christmas & New Year break; also I will include a special report with a trade that you can still make before the end of this month.

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Why do most people not Make Money from Financial Spread Betting?

It’s often quoted that 90% of all Financial Spread Betting and FX accounts do not make money. From my research this figure also stands true for most retail stockbroking accounts so it’s not just Spread Betting. It’s also said that 90% of professional money managers do not beat an index fund.

So what separates the 10% winners from the 90% that lose? In this video you will find some tips from Vince Stanzione. Regardless of if you’re using Spread Betting, CFDs or buying and selling shares via an online broker it’s important to treat trading and investing as a business and not some bit of fun. The winning traders have a system (which does not need to be complicated) but it must have a defined way to get in and out of a trades.


It’s also important to realise that many of your trades will not be successful and that is just part of the business, what is important is to limit the losses on those trades so no one trade however sure you are ends up causing you to lose a large percentage of your account.

I have found over my 27 years of trading and investing that we can learn as much from losing traders as winning ones, if we can identify the patterns of a losing trader and then ensure that we do not do the same then we will be successful.


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Everyone tells you when to buy but no one tells you when to sell

I have now been investing and trading for over 27 years, in that time I have seen plenty of trading systems, newsletters and gurus come and nearly all go. What I have always noticed is that:


a)      They would tell you when to buy but would never tell you went to sell and get out. It’s often the case with tipping services or other media.

b)      They would also want to you to buy and would never recommend short selling as if it is some great sin to make money from down moves.


So when I wrote Making Money From Financial Spread Trading I knew exactly want I wanted to offer, it had to have a clear buy and sell rule and the system had to be happy to go short (profit from down moves) as well as up. Today you can also use Inverse ETFs, which go up as the underlying go down.

Right now my system is short S&P500, DOW, FTSE100, NASDAQ100 and about every major stock index since the start of October 2012, but what’s important that it will give a clear signal when to close this position and it will also give a new buy back signal which will allow us to profit from the next up move.

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Making Money from Financial Spread Betting – Bulls & Bears

The big advantage of Financial Spread Betting, Contracts For Differences (CFDs) or Option trading is the ability to profit from down moves as well as up. At any time in a financial market you will always get those that believe a share or market is overpriced (the Bears) and those that think a market will go up (The Bulls).

Right now the great minds at Goldman Sachs are forecasting that the US broad index the S&P500 will end 2012 near the 1250 level, that’s a step fall of about 14% from the currently levels. They then see the price rebound and are looking for the S&P500 to make new highs in 2013.

As I stated in my previous update I prefer to “trade with what I see rather than not what I think.” To learn more about how to profit from up and down moves in financial markets, shares, commodities and currencies please go to www.winonmarkets.net

Money Management Video Tips – Financial Spread Betting

Below you will find a great video by Chris from http://thespreadtrader.wordpress.com/ which has some tips on money management. Chris is one of my students and bought Making Money From Financial Spread Trading.  My experience is that most using Financial Spread Betting or other forms of trading don’t spend enough time on a simple Money Management plan. Often those with smaller accounts don’t bother and their goal is to make as much money as possible and go all in one or two bets and I don’t need to tell you what normally happens.

Many books have been written on Money Management with complicated formulas. The key should be that no one trade should ever cause you so much damage financially or emotionally that you cannot continue. How every sure you are the XYZ is going to rocket, only a percentage of your trading bank should be risked.

“However “smart” we think we are in trading and investing we are dealing with unknowns, what is known and what we can control is how much we decide to risk on each trade, and that is what you should be spending more time on. It’s not all about knowing when to buy and sell all systems can go through bad runs and that’s when you money management really saves you.”

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Trading Exchange Traded Funds – Example of a Spread Bet with IG Index

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) can be bought or sold via an online broker and some of the larger ETFs also have traded options. You can also place a financial spread bet on many ETFs, a company such as IG Index, City Index and Cantor Index will allow you to go long or short an ETF.

For example here you can see the Biotech ETF (BBH) by making one trade you would have exposure to a basket of biotech shares the top 10 holdings would include:


BBH Top Ten HoldingsVince Stanzione financial spread betting on biotech shares

  1. Amgen Inc (AMGN): 15.10%
  2. Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD): 9.38%
  3. Biogen Idec Inc  (BIIB): 8.03%
  4. Celgene Corporation (CELG): 6.97%
  5. Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ALXN): 5.04%
  6. Life Technologies Corp (LIFE): 4.30%
  7. Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc (AMLN): 4.25%
  8. Illumina, Inc. (ILMN): 4.15%
  9. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REGN): 4.04%
  10. Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ONXX): 4.00%



The advantage here is that you have diversification rather than investing in just one company in what can be a very volatile sector. By using a financial spread bet we also have the advantage of leverage and the tax free advantage in the UK.

Example Spread Bet

Let’s say we want to bet on the BBH to go higher we can buy the March 2013 contract at 5408 and we decide to trade £1 per point (not you can trade US$ or £)  so a move from 5408 to 5409 is 1 point.

One month later we see the price is quoted at 5900/5920 and we decide to take profits from our Financial Spread bet so we sell at 5900. So to recap we bought at 5408 sold at 5900 = 492 points x £1 gives us a £492 profit which is tax free for UK residents. Of course we could have also done the opposite and made money from falling prices.

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IBM will help power the Dow to a new all-time high in 2013

“The reason is that a man may see straight and clearly and yet become impatient or doubtful when the market takes its time about doing as he figured it must do. That is why so many men in Wall Street, who are not at all in the sucker class, not even in the third grade, nevertheless lose money. The market does not beat them. They beat themselves, because though they have brains they cannot sit tight. Old Turkey was dead right in doing and saying what he did. He had not only the courage of his convictions but the intelligent patience to sit tight.”

Jesse Livermore -Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

IBM is a stock that I have owned many years, Its a member of the DOW 30 and a true multi national blue chip stock. It was the strength in IBM that partly made me come out with the Dow 14200+ call around 12 months ago. As long as IBM stays strong and pushes to new highs then so will the Dow. Yes it’s had a few months of pause, base building but that is bullish. 25 year chart below. You can spread bet IBM with all spread betting companies including IG Index, Cantor Index, Capital Spreads and City Index. To learn more about trading shares, CFDs, Financial spread betting please go to http://www.winonmarkets.net



How to Make Money from Falling Financial Markets – profit from down moves in Shares, Indices & Commodities

Can you really make money from a falling stockmarket?

Most investors are familiar with buying a shares, an Exchange Traded Fund or  investment funds and profiting from it going up but very few investors know how to profit from a falling market.

It’s all very well buying and holding in a bull market where prices steadily go up but for the last decade that has not been the case. Many professional traders and Hedge funds have been profiting from falling markets for many years but the good news is that you too can do the same and it is not as difficult or risky as some may think. There are a number of whys you can profit from falling markets and the video above gives a brief outline.

Want to learn more about profiting or protecting your portfolio from a falling market?

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